You've seen the professionals do it, now it's your turn. Take this opportunity to experience the art of drifting at Yas Marina Circuit. A mix of skillful steering and throttle control is essential to handle the challenging corners of the North Handling Circuit or the skid pad and kick plate at the Vehicle Dynamic Area. You can have multiple turns in this four-hour session of pure thrill-seeking. Throw away your inhibitions and sharpen your driving skills as you spin and slide sideways in this high-energy adrenaline rush.


  • Make your way to the main west entrance (Gate 20) and go to the VDA or North Handling Circuit at Yas Central.
  • Please arrive in good time for your experience. We recommend being here up to 30 minutes prior to the start time.
  • All vehicles must be inspected and approved before entering the track.
  • The Driver Waiver forms provided on site must be completed.
  • Helmets must be worn during your session and are available for hire at an additional charge of AED 100.
  • Please note that Yas Marina Circuit is not responsible for insuring any vehicles that are driven on the track.
  • Racing is not permitted between drifters.
  • Once your vehicle receives approval, each car runs alone on the track for a total of two minutes at a time. You can enjoy as many runs as you like within the four-hour session. Passengers are not allowed.
  • Spectators are welcome and permitted within Yas Central specified viewing areas free of charge.


  • Saloon, Sport, Trucks, SUV Cars and Sport Bikes are permitted.
  • Pro and Street Cars are allowed after passing safety tech inspection
  • 4 x 4 cars are not allowed due to safety reasons on the track
  • All vehicles should be road worthy and will undergo technical inspection.


  • Engine, fuel system, battery and electric connections must be in good condition
  • Chassis, suspension and body work must be in good condition.
  • Lift kit and off-road tires are prohibited
  • Car must be clean and completely free of dust/sand outside and inside the chassis. Drivers of any cars which drop sand onto the drag strip will be excluded from further participation
  • Electric cars are prohibited.