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YasHUB app now includes Augmented Reality capability, giving users a truly interactive race weekend experience at Yas Marina Circuit 

Race fans heading to the FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX at Yas Marina Circuit will this year get even more out of their weekend thanks to ground-breaking new Augmented Reality (AR) features on its YasHUB mobile app.

A world first for a Grand Prix, the popular YasHUB app has been upgraded since its successful launch in 2014 to include the latest cutting-edge technology to not only control every aspect of users’ experiences, but to let race goers ignite their experience from the moment they receive the tickets.

The new upgrade to YasHUB allows users to scan their ticket packages, resulting in an animation of all main seating areas and venues around the island being built up in 3D on their phones. Ticket holders can then select their seating area and will be shown precisely where their seats are as the animation zooms into their seating zone – allowing the user to understand in three dimensions where exactly they will enjoy the action.

Not only that, but people can use the AR technology to check out the view from their seat through a series of images on the app.

The app retains the helpful navigation function so people can use their phone to find out information on key locations at the circuit by simply holding up their mobiles and looking at the landmark through their screens. Relevant information of that location is then displayed, offering an immersive digitally enhanced experience to ticket holders.

Additionally, navigation around the wider Yas Island is available, with users able to select specific areas such as Ferrari World, Yas Hotel Plaza, Waterworld and Yas Links and be taken to a page with all the necessary info about that venue within the YasHUB app.

During race weekend, anyone scanning their individual ticket are shown a video of what to expect on that day at the circuit.

All of these features are available in the ‘Ignite Your Experience’ section in YasHUB and will allow unprecedented control of race goers’ Abu Dhabi Grand Prix experience.

Race fans can also use the app to buy tickets and stay in touch with the latest F1 news and social media updates. They can scan their tickets to view additional information about their seating area and about the race, including daily updates about events around the circuit. 

Nick McElwee, Director of Sales and Marketing at Yas Marina Circuit, said: “Each year, we aim to bring something new to racing fans that enhances their enjoyment of Yas Marina Circuit during F1 weekend.

“The new YasHUB app uses the latest app-based Augmented Reality Vision SDK from Layar to give users a new perspective of Yas Marina Circuit. Key areas of the track will come alive on users’ mobile screens with the addition of real-time information.

“The YasHUB app will help Yas Marina Circuit build meaningful interactions with our thousands of global fans as we transition to our new incarnation as a media brand and content publisher.”

Yas Marina Circuit worked with Starcom MediaVest Group and Flip Media to release the YasHUB app for iOS and Android with Layar's Augmented Reality SDK built in.

“Starcom was very excited to continue the collaboration with Yas Marina Circuit and Layar to improve the YasHUB app by utilising Layar’s technology to further enhance race goers’ experiences,” said Dimitri Papadimitriou, Head of Liquid Thread at Starcom MediaVest Group.

“With Yas Marina Circuit, we have a client that understands the digital landscape and the changes in the way people are using technology and as such we are able to bring companies like Layar to the table to produce innovative and new customer experiences.”

Hsio Ling Hee, Head of Custom Solutions at Layar, added: "It's been amazing to work with Yas Marina Circuit and Starcom since the integration of Layar's Augmented Reality technology in YasHub in 2014. They have passion for giving fans the best experience and have pushed it even more this year.

“By integrating our Vision SDK, they now make it even easier for app users to get access to exclusive content – which gives fans the opportunity to be excited about the race well ahead of the event. We look forward to seeing Yas Marina Circuit push the boundaries by exciting their fans even more by cleverly making use of Augmented Reality triggered by the user's location as well as branded items.”

At last year’s FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX, demand for the YasHUB app online at both Android and Apple stores in the UAE pushed it to the top spot in the sports app category. Tens of thousands of racegoers used it to get the latest news from drivers, teams and the circuit.

To ‘Ignite Your Experience’, you can download the YasHUB app from here:

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