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Experience one the world’s truly unique circuits

Yas Marina Circuit is more than just one of the world’s most technologically advanced motorsports tracks. Home to Abu Dhabi’s Formula 1®, it also brings unmatched flexibility to events as diverse as car launches and vehicle testing, team building days, full scale corporate events, photo shoots and more.

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Full GP Circuit

Our Full GP Circuit offers a range of challenges to drivers at all levels of experience. The 5.55km, 21-turn circuit configuration requires that you possess a combination of smooth car control, accuracy and consistency in order to beat the record Formula 1® lap time of one minute and 40 seconds.

Key Stats:

  • Series of challenging consecutive turns (1,2,3)
  • Opportunity to reach high speeds on the 1.2km straight and along the technical section near the Yas Viceroy Hotel and Yas Marina
  • Of the circuit's 21 turns, 12 go right and 9 veer left
  • The circuit was designed and built with driver safety as a primary factor
  • Specifics such as Tecpro safety barriers, high grip painted run-off areas and specially developed ash-felt promise excellent grip and durability for drivers
  • Full GP Circuit hire allows for the flexibility of running two separate track events simultaneously (on North Circuit and South Circuit)
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North Circuit

The North Circuit includes the F1® straight, Yas Racing School and a 1.2km straight.

Key Stats:

  • 10 turns covering a total distance of 3.15km
  • The Circuit is accompanied by the Main Pit Garages
  • North Circuit is ideal for testing acceleration and top speeds of your vehicle/s
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South Circuit

South Circuit is a far more technical circuit, with 12 turns over 2.36km. Highlights include Yas Marina and Yas Viceroy Hotel stretch, particularly iconic when under lights.

Key Stats:

  • 12 corners covering a track distance of 2.36km
  • Includes the hairpin bend running beneath Yas Hotel
  • South Circuit is accompanied by the Support Pit Garages
  • The circuit provides stunning views of the Marina
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North Handling Circuit

The North Handling Circuit configuration features ten corners, making it a relatively smaller technical area in which to test cars as they navigate tight turns. The track’s complexity creates the ideal space in which to hone driving skills.

Key Stats:

  • 10 corners over 970m
  • Close proximity to Yas Racing Schools
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Corkscrew combines the South and part of North circuits, featuring 21 turns over a distance of 4.73km. This section will challenge the most experienced of drivers and provides a superior testing ground for manufacturers.

Key Stats:

  • 21 turns over a distance of 4.73km
  • Corkscrew is accompanied by the Main Pit Garages
  • Includes the hairpin bend running beneath Yas Viceroy Hotel
  • This section provides the opportunity to drive along the F1® main straight
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Vehicle Dynamics Area

Our cutting edge Vehicle Dynamics Area is specifically designed to provide the ultimate technical challenge for drivers and cars on both wet and dry surfaces.

Key Stats:

  • Series of challenging consecutive turns (1,2,3)
  • Purpose built 15,000m² wet and dry area
  • 95m x 10m state-of-the-art skid pan equipped with hydraulic kick plate
  • Ultra-low friction wetted surface with water hazards
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Yas Drag Racing Centre

The Yas Drag Racing Centre is available for hire year-round, for both private and corporate use. It features a professional drag racing strip sanctioned by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) and other facilities to ensure your event is a success..

Key Stats:

  • NHRA sanctioned drag strip
  • Fully equipped hospitality suites overlooking the drag strip
  • Race Control
  • Seating capacity of 5,000
  • Two Oasis areas, ideal for outdoor functions
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