Ethara At Home


#EtharaAtHome is a free project-based learning program that provides individual students with the same core learning as the ADNOC | Yas in Schools Formula Ethara class team work program.
Children follow the online work units to:
  • Create a team brand & identity.
  • Build a prototype Formula Ethara Race Car at home.
  • Create a Portfolio of activities and learning of related science, math, technology and literacy.
  • Learn how to prepare a National Final winning team!

Extension Options:
  • Easily upgrade to race ready cars and have a school race day.
  • Enter the #EtharaAtHome National Final Category.

Work Units

  • Unit 1 – Build the Car Chassis
  • Unit 2 – Team Identity
  • Unit 3 – Create and Assemble the Car Body
  • Unit 4 – Get your Wheels On Challenge
  • Unit 5 – Ethara C.A.D. C.A.M.
  • Unit 6 – Ethara Science & Math
  • Unit 7 – Showcase Your Work
  • Unit 8 – Sponsorship & Marketing
  • Unit 9 – Prepare for Competition
  • Unit 10 – Race @ Home


  • Completely New to Formula Ethara - #EtharaAtHome is a great taster of the full Formula Ethara Program. It provides STEM distant learning content and is easy to convert to the full program back at school.
  • Already Involved with Formula Ethara - Provides program continuity options for teachers. Add value and content to your current program. Help students better prepare for school and National Final Competitions
  • Parents - loaoking for activities to keep children stimulated working from home.