Abu Dhabi Motorsport Management recognises its  a world leading motorsport and public events venue and its responsibility to ensure the environmental impact of its activities are managed effectively. Within all aspects of its business operations ADMM has committed to managing its environmental impact above and beyond legal and regulatory requirements currently in force in the region.





In order to achieve an effective and comprehensive approach this policy has been drafted to encompass the top line strategic goals of the organization.

As a company that embraces change and is continually striving to develop, these aims and areas of focus will evolve and grow to in line with the overarching environmental goals of the organization and our ever changing business environment.

The document shall act as a catalyst for further enhancements to environmental awareness within ADMM, not only for core business activities, but also to springboard the challenges and opportunities into the minds and actions of clients, suppliers, partners, stakeholders and guests.


  1. Comply with and exceed all local regulatory and legal requirements, aspiring to become a leader in the events and motorsport industry in relation to environmental management.
  2. Continually improve and monitor the environmental performance of the organisation through waste management, internal KPI measures and external audits.
  3. Work with clients to encourage a reduction in waste for all events, promoting recycling, reuse and reduction to better manage the impact of normal business activities.
  4. Communicate effectively with all staff, suppliers and contractors in relation to environmental policies and procedures.
  5. Train and develop team members on the importance of the environmental impact of the business, raising awareness of their activities and actively supporting ideas and concepts that may reduce waste.
  6. Reduce costs within the organisation through reduction of waste use of materials, energy and other resources, promoting a financially and environmentally healthier business model.
  7. Review this policy regularly to ensure the strategic goals of the organisation are continually adapted to changing technologies, resources and regulatory requirements.
  8. Ensure that the sustainability policy forms part of the contracting and supply chain process such that all ADMM suppliers, including those who provide services to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, deliver sustainable solutions and environmentally friendly deliverables in the course of the work



  • ADMM will reduce its overall consumption of energy carbon footprint through the effective management of resources, particularly out of hours and waste usage in unoccupied areas of the site.
  • This target shall be measured through the financial impact on operating costs of the venue and the use of alternative green technology solutions and initiatives.
  • Phase 1 of this initiative started in 2019 resulting in a 10% reduction in energy usage. Another 10% reduction is the target for 2020.
  • Implement the use of sustainable energy solutions, seeking green technology to replace the use of diesel and carbon-based energy sources.


  • Develop a plastic free event space within 1 year.
  • Remove all single use plastic bottles and cutlery from event and staff areas by end of 2020.
  • Materially increase recycling by 20% year on year.
  • Continue to invest in upcycling waste materials created by normal business operations (Paints, Oils, Timber, Metal, Steel etc).


  • To reduce the consumption of water through an effective preventative maintenance management system to reduce the risk of uncontrolled loss.
  • Overall reduction of water within unoccupied areas by reducing the usage of facilities including toilets, wastewater units, A/C units and other equipment that unnecessarily uses water out of season.
  • Irrigation systems will use recycled and treated water within 12 months.


  • Develop and implement a strategic plan to reduce landscaping areas and introduce hardscaping across the venue to reduce the use of water.
  • Introduce cycle lanes into the venue and promote safe cycling zones and electric vehicles.
  • Electric charging points to be installed by the end of 2021, seeking collaborations in the automotive sector.
  • Noise pollution to be regularly assessed and procedures introduced to control noise limits within 2 years in accordance with local laws.


  • Reduce the use of office supplies by 80% year on year by the end of 2021.
  • Materially Increase the use of e-solutions as alternatives to hard copy systems currently in use.
  • Reduce the amount of equipment within the organisation through a strategic review of usage and requirement, promoting sharing across departments.
  • Identify environmentally sound resources and suppliers where possible for sundries and consumables.


  • Review the use of all company vehicles and select new resources based on organizational requirement and reduce travel (including international travel).
  • Staff to be encouraged to make use of technology to avoid unnecessary travel.
  • Electric scooters to be authorised as an alternative mode of transport within the venue.
  • Reduce the use of large consumption vehicles in all areas of the organisation where an alternative is suitable and available to perform the same task.
  • Work with contractors and suppliers to ensure the minimum number of vehicles are used to transport staff to site.
  • Promote the use of environmentally friendly alternative solutions to petrol transport across the venue.
  • Promote the use of electric vehicles in and around the venue through the installation of charging stations at public car parks and event spaces and pursue opportunities to promote and deliver electric vehicle events.


  • Work with customers, promoters and partners to reduce waste and raise awareness of environmental issues related to public event activities.
  • Promote environmental awareness at all events held at YMC, encouraging recycling and a reduction in waste.
  • Promote the world’s first plastic free Formula 1 Race by 2022, producing zero plastic waste in public spaces throughout the event.
  • Always identify opportunities for upcycling materials into event furniture, reducing overall waste and creating an environmentally friendly and engaging venue.


  • All suppliers and contractors to have clauses introduced into the contracts to use the most sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives or processes when engaged with Yas Marina Circuit. SLA’s and KPI’s developed to monitor and control these new standards.
  • Work with suppliers to reduce the use of harmful chemicals throughout the organisation, moving towards ecologically sound alternatives.
  • Promote healthier lifestyles for all staff, guests and clients through initiatives and events taking place at YMC, including community targeted fitness programmes.