Yas Marina Circuit has an inspiring partnership with Haddins Fitness, working together to create a healthier and more active Abu Dhabi.


Haddins specialises in providing health and fitness solutions for the entire population, with a very simple mission of making good health, wellness and fitness the enjoyable way of life it was meant to be, rather than the fad is so often is. Our focus on making exercise fun, enjoyable and sustainable, by using a variety of scientifically proven functional activities, all conducted within a positive environment, has been an extremely successful approach over the past 15 years. Exercise, is a critical tool for the positive development of all and by emphasising the enjoyment and ensuring results, Haddins strives to make life long changes to all our clientele and ensure a more productive and fruitful life. What sets us apart in the market? Well, our delivery proves we truly believe in what we do and we know, we will get you the results you are looking for. Real people, real purpose and real fun! That’s what you can look forward to in joining the Haddins family.

For more information about the Haddins programs contact info@haddins.com today.