People exploring the food stalls during the F1 at Yas Marina Circuit


Shorter queues, less to carry, less to lose. We've gone cashless for the #AbuDhabiGP with Yas Pay.

We want you to have the best experience at the F1. Hate queues? Us too. Going cashless will make waiting lines around the event shorter. No need to find an ATM, no need to constantly check your pocket to make sure you haven’t lost your credit card, simply load funds onto your Yas Pay card and use it to purchase food and drinks throughout the day at Yas Marina Circuit.

Wherever you enter the circuit, each Oasis will have a Yas Pay Kiosk and roaming staff with handheld devices that can take your payment and issue your card.

Simply tap and pay with your Yas Pay card at Food & Beverage points in the public areas. There will be dozens of roaming staff who can help with checking and topping up your balance too.

You can choose to refund the balance of your card at a Yas Pay kiosk at any point during the F1®. Any balance on the card after the Race Weekend has ended will be forfeited.

Please note that Yas Pay will not be accepted outside Yas Marina Circuit, e.g. at the after-race concerts, Yas suites, or Yas Marina.

Visit our Yas Pay page to check your balance and download your receipt here