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Tomorrows Champions

Using the world of Formula 1® and motorsports to excite and engage students in STEM and 21st Century skills learning. Yas in Schools is a youth initiative of Abu Dhabi Motorsports Management which offers schools a pathway of project-based STEM learning programs, for students aged eight to 21 years. Students work in small enterprise teams to design, innovate, manufacture, test and race scale model cars for competing in school and external competitions. Yas in Schools aims to inspire and develop “Tomorrow’s Champions”, equipping them with 21st Century skills and developing a passion for STEM and innovation, whilst also providing teachers with exciting and easy to adopt themed topics and resources for delivering a broad range of learning outcomes.


At Yas Marina Circuit we offer programmes suitable for all ages of students. Each of the programmes provides participants with exciting applied learning STEM and 21st Century Skills outcomes.

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Contact us via email or call us for enquiries, stay up to date with upcoming events and challenges or let us know which programmes you are interested in and we will contact you.

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Centre of Excellence

Yas Marina Circuit is the only Grand Prix circuit in the world to have a facility dedicated to all aspects of the F1 in Schools STEM Challenge as well as being home to Formula Ethara and the Land Rover 4x4 Technology Challenge in the UAE.

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We have all the resources and access to technology to support you through each stage.

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